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Sitemap (HTML) Signup Login Search Robots.txt Sitemap (XML) Reset Password 01. Wagtail with a Custom User Model 02. Adding Extra Fields to a Django Custom User Model 03. Setting Up Allauth In Django 04. Setting Up Validation Login With Allauth in Django 05. Git and Local Settings in Django 06. Signup and Password Reset with Allauth in Django 07. Allowing Users to Update and Delete Their Profile in Django 08. Social Account Signup and Login with Allauth 09. Translating Django Models, Views and Templates 10. Translating a Wagtail Site 11. Adding StreamFields to a Wagtail Page 12. Adding Embedded Video to StreamField in Wagtail 13. Adding Code and Code Blocks to StreamField in Wagtail 14. Adding Themes to Articles 15. A Customizable Multilingual Navigation Menu 16. Adding a Favicon, Logo and Footer 17. Translating Models and Snippets 18. Language Switcher 19. Adding Comments using Django Comments 20. Embedding a Login Form on a Wagtail Page 21. Adding Editable Forms with reCAPTCHA 22. Testing Custom User Model 23. Testing Wagtail with FactoryBoy 24. Testing the Navigation Menu 25. Testing the Language Switcher 26. Testing Comments with Factory Boy 27. Testing Streamform with reCATPCHA 28. Deploying Wagtail on a Linux Server 29. Adding Content to an Empty Multilingual Wagtail Site 30. Deploying Wagtail with Gunicorn, Nginx and Supervisor 31. Adding a Firewall, Configuring SSH Access, and Setting up SSL/TLS 32. Backing Up and Restoring Content and Media 7 Days of Wagtail About Adding a Banner (Part 1) Adding a Banner (Part 2) Adding a Bootstrap 4 Theme to Our Wagtail Website Adding a Header and Footer Adding Caching Adding Custom CSS and JavaScript to Your Admin Area Adding Custom StreamField Logic Adding Debug Tools Adding Global Site Settings to Your Wagtail Website Adding, Modifying and Removing Sitemap Entries Adding Recaptcha to Your Contact Forms Adding Tags to Pages Adding User Registration/Login To Your Wagtail Website Adding .webp Image Support Additional Ways to Learn Wagtail Ajax Templates A Peek Inside Our Tech Stack Caching the Navigation and Footer Call to Action StreamField Block Changing the Page Display Title Changing the Wagtail Admin Logo Contact Contact Forms Contact Forms: Part 1 Contact Forms: Part 2 Courses Create a Navigation System from Scratch Creating a Call to Action StreamField Creating the StreamField App Custom Admin Tabs Customizing Default Property Values Custom Page Validation Custom Radio Select Block Custom StreamField (Block) Logic Custom StreamField Block Validation Custom StreamField Field Validation Discovering and Exploring Wagtail Django Models, Wagtail ModelAdmin, and Registering Snippets Editing the Home Page Enabling Wagtails Styleguide Extending The Draftail RichText Editor Flexible (Misc.) Pages Getting Child Page Properties From a Subclassed Page Getting Started With Your First Home Page Global Site Settings Headless CMS: Custom Page Properties Headless CMS: Custom Wagtail Image Serializer Headless CMS: Exposing Custom Page Fields to the v2 API Headless CMS: Exposing Orderable Data and StreamFields Headless CMS: Fetching Data From the v2 API Headless CMS: Image Rendition Field Headless CMS: Serialize a Custom Image Chooser Block Headless CMS: Serializing Child Pages (and QuerySets) Headless CMS: Serializing Foreign Keys Headless CMS: Serializing RichText Blocks Headless Workshop (with Vue.js) How StreamFields are Saved in the Database How to Add a Basic StreamField to your Wagtail CMS Page How to Add a Blog Listing Page, Blog Detail Page, and Custom Context How to Add a New Wagtail Page From Scratch How to Add a RichText StreamField to your Wagtail CMS Page How to add localization to your website How to Add Template Caching How to contribute to open source How to Create a Custom Wagtail Menu System How to Deploy Wagtail to Heroku How to Enable the v2 API to Create a Headless CMS How to Install Wagtail Using Pipenv (in less than 6 minutes) How to Install Wagtail with Docker How to only get Parent and Child Class Pages and their Specific Fields How to Paginate Your Wagtail Pages How to Register a Django Model with Wagtails ModelAdmin How to Subclass Wagtail Pages How to Use ListBlocks to Create Repeating StreamField Content How to use Orderables in Wagtail CMS Image and Text StreamField Block Image Chooser Block Installing Django Debug Toolbar Installing Wagtail Installing Wagtail on MacOS and Windows Installing Wagtail using Venv Introducing FieldPanels: The Key to Customizable Content Kalob's VS Code Setup Launch Your Wagtail Website On Digital Ocean With Ubuntu 18 Learn Wagtail from Scratch Learn Wagtail From Scratch Limiting Contact Form Choices Limiting Pages Logging into the admin Navigating the Wagtail GitHub Repository Navigation Templates Registering Snippets (Blog Category) using Checkboxes Registering Snippets using Django Models Repeating StreamField Blocks Restricting Parent and Child Pages RichText StreamField Block Routable Page Categories And Years Routable Pages Service Listing Page Service Page Services App (and new pages) Setting Up A RichText Content Area Setting up Django Shell, Shell Plus and IPython Setting Up RichText Streamfields Simplifying Repeating StreamField Blocks Starting at Wagtail 2.5 StreamField Deep Dive 2: Exploring Common StreamFields StreamField Deep Dive: How to find undocumented options Table StreamField Block The Blog The New 2024 Wagtail CMS Course The Ultimate Wagtail Developers Course Tutorials Understanding the Page Model in Wagtail CMS Upgrading From Wagtail 2.11 to Wagtail 2.15 LTS Upgrading From Wagtail 2.15 to Wagtail 3.0 Upgrading From Wagtail 2.5 to Wagtail 2.7 LTS Upgrading From Wagtail 2.7 to Wagtail 2.11 LTS Upgrading From Wagtail 3.0 to Wagtail 4.0 Upgrading From Wagtail 4.0 to Wagtail 5.0 Upgrading From Wagtail 5.0 to Wagtail 6.0 Upgrading Wagtail (to 2.5.1), Django (to 2.2.2) and Django Debug Toolbar Using a SnippetChooserPanel to Select Multiple Blog Authors (Snippets + Orderables) Using Wagtails save() method to remove template caching Wagtail + Docker Wagtail + Docker Wagtail for Beginners (Legacy Course) Wagtailify Your Static Website Wagtail StreamFields: Bringing Dynamic Content to Life Wagtail Walkthrough Wagtail Workshop: Start and Deploy a Website In 1 Hour Welcome to StreamFields What is Wagtail? Working with the Base Template Your First StreamField