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Upgrading Wagtail (to 2.5.1), Django (to 2.2.2) and Django Debug Toolbar

Upgrade Commands

To upgrade your own project, you can simply run these commands:

  1. pip install wagtail==2.5.1
    This will give you Wagtail v2.5.1
  2. pip install Django==2.2.2
    This will give you Django 2.2.2
  3. pip install django-debug-toolbar==2.0a1 (Debug Toolbar is optional)
    This will upgrade DDT (Django Debug Toolbar, if you're using it)
  4. ./manage.py migrate
    Wagtail 2.5.1 and Django 2.2.2 have migrations to run. So let's apply them.
  5. ./manage.py runserver
    Re-run your server to make sure there are no problems

The Git Commit

The requirements.txt and Pipfile were updated. And I've added a Pipfile.lock to the repo. We also disabled Django Debug Toolbar because it's ultra slow.


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