About LearnWagtail.com

Welcome to LearnWagtail.com. This website exists for one sole reason: to help lower the barrier to entry for new Python devs and existing Django developers. The Wagtail documentation is pretty good, but for newbies it's a bit overwhelming still, and refining the docs to something simpler is a lot of work, and not necessary.

Over the last couple of years I've had the opportunity to work with Wagtail CMS and dive fairly deep into it, and it's a beautiful CMS.

You can think of Wagtail like this... Think of WordPress.. yeah it's not that!

There are a lot of Wagtail sites these days, and the CMS is growing in popularity so I think it's time for a dedicated tutorial site. Something that's not necessarily owned by one person, where authors can write their own tutorials and make their own videos and have a Wagtail-centric place to put their content.

I started this site because I started answering a lot of Wagtail questions, and many of these questions were repeating. Some people asked REALLY good questions and forced me to learn a new thing; but that knowledge is siloed in my head. This is a very common scenario for many developers. And while the Wagtail docs are good and constantly improving, I think there's room for a website that focuses on teaching certain parts of Wagtail from other developers perspectives.

Overtime this site will evolve. It will have more authors, more tutorials, more videos and maybe some other future features. Whatever the future holds for this site, the goal is to always help developers learn more about Wagtail and Wagtail features.

I'm Kalob Taulien, a web developer, online dev instructor, and a huge Wagtail lover. I started this site, but I'm hoping to grow it with other community members. If you're interested in writing an article or submitting a video, definitely contact me using the beautiful Wagtail contact form or reaching out to me direct at kalob [at] learnwagtail.com

Kalob Taulien

Kalob Taulien

Wagtail lover, Web Developer, Online Web Dev Instructor

Fullstack web developer and online web dev. instructor.