Wagtail + Docker

Learn how to setup Wagtail with Docker and expand your project to include ElasticSearch, Redis and Postgres using Docker Compose. 🤓

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🚀 Launch Your Wagtail Site into the Stratosphere with Docker! 🚀

Hey there, savvy web developer! Are you ready to dock your skills in the world of Wagtail CMS, but with a twist? Imagine combining the sleek efficiency of Wagtail with the containerized magic of Docker. Sounds like a tech cocktail too good to pass up, right? 🍹💻

Introducing: "Wagtail + Docker" - The Mini-Course You Didn't Know You Needed Until Now!

Crafted by none other than **Kalob Taulien**, the undisputed champ of Wagtail CMS education, this course is your golden ticket to mastering the art of seamless development environments. Kalob's not just any instructor; he's the guy who can teach Wagtail CMS blindfolded while juggling Docker containers. (Okay, maybe not literally, but you get the idea!)

What's on the Menu?

  1. Setting up Wagtail with Docker: Start your adventure by learning how to set up Wagtail within a Docker container. It's like setting up a tent, but way cooler and without the risk of rain!
  2. Adding Docker Compose: Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we throw Docker Compose into the mix. Manage your application's services like a symphony conductor wielding a baton. 🎼
  3. Adding Postgres: Integrate Postgres as your database of choice, ensuring your data is as secure and robust as a bank vault (but much easier to access when you need it).
  4. Adding Redis: Speed up your site with Redis, turning it into the Usain Bolt of Wagtail sites. Fast, efficient, and a crowd-pleaser. 🏃‍♂️💨
  5. Adding ElasticSearch: Unleash the power of lightning-fast searches to make your content as findable as a lighthouse on a dark, stormy night.

All this for just $9.95!

Yep, you heard that right. For less than the price of a fancy coffee, you can turbocharge your Wagtail + Docker skills and leave your peers in the digital dust.

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Your instructor

Kalob Taulien is not just handing you a course; he's handing you the keys to a kingdom where Wagtail and Docker live in perfect harmony. This mini-course is quirky, fun, and packed with the kind of knowledge that turns good developers into great ones.

Don't miss out on this epic journey. Sign up today, and let's get your Wagtail site flying higher than ever with Docker! 🚀🌟

Remember, in the world of web development, being just good isn't enough. With "Wagtail + Docker" and Kalob Taulien as your guide, you're not just good; you're stellar. 🌌

Before you get started:

Make sure you've downloaded and installed Docker Desktop (that comes with Docker Compose automatically). https://www.docker.com/products/docker-desktop/

Course lessons

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