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Tutorial Wagtail Version: 2.x

Wagtail Workshop: Start and Deploy a Website In 1 Hour

In this one hour workshop we are going to create a new Wagtail website from scratch, create a blog, and deploy it to the internet using Netlify (free!)

Welcome to the Workshop

This is a different type of tutorial. In this Learn Wagtail lesson we'll be creating a brand new Wagtail website, getting setup with virtualenv, creating a blog, and deploying the website to the internet using a service called Netlify.

The Instructions

All the written instructions for this workshop can be found on the official Blog. There's lots of good stuff in there, so make sure you head over there if you're interested in the written version of this workshop.

The Code

All the code for this workshop can be found in a public repo

And in this video I'll just be covering all the same steps that you'll read from the Wagtail Workshop repo. So if videos aren't you thing, and long articles aren't you thing... there's a straight-to-the-point repo with all the commands!

The Final Website

There's not much to look at, but remember this site was made from scratch and deployed to Netlify in less than an hour. Take a final look at the website here:

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