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21. Adding Editable Forms with reCAPTCHA

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Adding Recaptcha to Your Contact Forms

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Contact forms are notorious for collecting spam from bots. In this tutorial we'll install a package to automatically add Google Recaptcha to our contact forms. We'll explore how to get the API keys, as well.

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Contact Forms

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Contact forms are an essential part of many websites. Wagtail gives us a lot of powerful features without having to do very much work. In this tutorial we're going to create a contact form and a contact form landing page. The contact form will have 3 completely custom fields that the content editor can manage on their own. We'll also explore the Forms feature in the Wagtail Admin.

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Adding Custom StreamField Logic

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There will be times when you need to provide multiple optional fields in a StreamField, and naturally we lean towards using logic in the template. In this video we're going to learn how to pull out template logic and use Python instead. In this example we'll be using a StructValue and StructBlock to return a single URL in the template even though the StreamField has a PageChooserBlock and a URLBlock (pick one and return it).

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Adding Tags to Pages

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In this tutorial we'll discover how to add Tags (with an autocomplete feature) to Wagtail Pages. We'll also learn how to filter blog posts by a certain tag.

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