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Customizing Default Property Values

The Code

Below is the exact code you'll find in this Git Commit.

class HomePage(Page):

# This will change the "title" field 's verbose name to "Custom Name".
# But you'd still reference it in the template as `page.title`
HomePage._meta.get_field("title").verbose_name = "Custom Name"
# Here we are removing the help text. But to change it, simply change None to a string.
HomePage._meta.get_field("title").help_text = None
# Below is the new default title for a Home Page.
# This only appears when you create a new page.
HomePage._meta.get_field("title").default = "Default HomePage Title"
# Lastly, we're adding a default `slug` value to the page.
# This does not need to reflect the same (or similar) value that the `title` field has.
HomePage._meta.get_field("slug").default = "default-homepage-title"

The Git Commit

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