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Upgrading From Wagtail 2.5 to Wagtail 2.7 LTS

Upgrading from Wagtail 2.5 to Wagtail 2.7 LTS


### Advancing to Wagtail 2.7 LTS As you move to Wagtail 2.7 LTS, it’s crucial to address any arising issues by consulting the official [Wagtail releases documentation]( This resource is invaluable for troubleshooting and understanding the specifics of what each version entails. ### Update Your Requirements Make sure your `requirements.txt` reflects the new version: ```plaintext wagtail==2.7 ``` ### Handling Docker Environments 🐳 If you're using Docker or any robust caching mechanism, remember to rebuild your containers whenever you upgrade significant components like Wagtail. This step ensures that all parts of your environment are up-to-date and can communicate effectively without legacy issues. 🛠 **Rebuild Command:** You might typically use commands like: ```bash docker-compose down docker-compose build docker-compose up ``` These commands ensure that your environment is clean and reflective of the new changes in your setup. ### Encountering and Resolving Errors During the upgrade, you might encounter errors such as: ```plaintext from wagtail.contrib.forms.models import AbstractFormField ``` If you see this after upgrading within a Docker container, it’s a sign you need to rebuild the container to integrate the new Wagtail 2.7 version fully. ### Streamlining the Admin UI With the major visual updates in Wagtail from versions 2.5 to 6.0, it's a good time to consider simplifying your UI customization. This might mean removing packages like `wagtail-uplift` and custom CSS that no longer align with the updated admin interface: ```python from wagtail.core import hooks @hooks.register('insert_global_admin_css') def global_admin_css(): return format_html('<link rel="stylesheet" href="{}">', static('path/to/theme.css')) ``` 🚨 **CAUTION:** Before you strip out custom CSS, review it! Some tweaks, especially those related to components like the rich text editor, might still be beneficial and worth keeping.

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