Tutorial Summary

Occasionally you'll want a StreamField that can have multiple repeating content areas. A good example is the design component known as a Card. In this lesson we'll explore a ListBlock to enable us to create unlimited cards with custom data, ImageChooserBlock, PageChooserBlock and how to loop through a ListBlock in your Wagtail CMS template.

There are times when you want to have repeating sections of content within a single StreamField. For example, adding Cards (Boostrap 4 is used in this lesson). For those who are not familiar with this design component, it's so common that once you learn about it you'll see it everywhere. It looks something like this:

 video image Image on top, some text for a title, some text for a description and sometimes a button.

Making one of these in a StreamField is easy for us (if it's not you should probably watch the other videos in this Learn Wagtail video series).

In this video we tackle the idea of creating multiple cards, over and over, but with different images, titles, text, and button URLs.

 video image How do we create a StreamField with 3 cards with different images, titles, text buttons? ListBlock!
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