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How to Add a RichText StreamField to your Wagtail CMS Page

Note: This is a 2 part video lesson. Part 1 will covered how to create a basic StreamField from scratch.

In this video we are going to explore how to add a RichTextBlock as a StreamField inside of an app called "streams". There are a number of ways to add a RichText StreamField to your pages, and we're covering a couple of the harder methods in this video.

# streams/blocks.py
from wagtail.core import blocks

class RichtextBlock(blocks.RichTextBlock):
    """Richtext with all the features."""

    class Meta:  # noqa
        template = "streams/richtext_block.html"
        icon = "doc-full"
        label = "Full RichText"

class SimpleRichtextBlock(blocks.RichTextBlock):
    """Richtext without (limited) all the features."""

    def __init__(
        self, required=True, help_text=None, editor="default", features=None, **kwargs
    ):  # noqa
        self.features = ["bold", "italic", "link"]

    class Meta:  # noqa
        template = "streams/richtext_block.html"
        icon = "edit"
        label = "Simple RichText"
# flex/models.py
# .....
from streams import blocks.py

class FlexPage(Page):
    # ....

    content = StreamField(
            ("title_and_text", blocks.TitleAndTextBlock()),
            ("full_richtext", blocks.RichtextBlock()),
            ("simple_richtext", blocks.SimpleRichtextBlock()),

The Git Commit

If you're interested in seeing the entire commit for this video, all the source code is available here.